Santacon is a famous annual pub crawl event that involves bringing together a big mass of people that are suited up in red dresses and Santa-inspired clothes to march around the cities. This famous event is not limited to just a few finger-counting cities. But dozens of U.S. cities take part in this celebration every year.

Whether it’s Santacon Hoboken Parties or Santacon Chicago crawl event, this Christmas-spirited occasion attracts many participants. Both mischievous and fun-loving people come together and celebrate the welcoming events of Christmas by dressing up as Christmas characters.

santacon Hoboken _ TheSantacon

Below are the 8 major cities where you can experience the high spirit of the Santacon festivity –

1. Join Hoboken Santacon pub crawl event –

As Christmas is around the corner, one of the most treasured traditions of the U.S. Christmas holiday,Santacon, would take place. The parties of Hoboken Santacon are famous for organizing pub crawl events. Moreover, Hoboken is a beautiful city with a great atmosphere to hold Santacon parties and events.

People gather wearing their Santa hats, costumes, and other Christmas character costumes to parade around the cities. is one of the big organizers of popular pub crawl events. This site can offer you an amazing opportunity to join the crowd.

2. Boston calls for Santacon Party –

Christmas comes every year at the end of it to welcome the New Year. Similarly, Santacon comes to the city of Boston every year. Therefore, people celebrate it before Christmas to welcome the festivity. Join in with your friends and family to go to Santacon in Boston parties. Dressed up in Santa Hats and Santa costumes to be a part of the crowd.

3. Best Holiday crawl of New York –

The events in NYC Santacon are considered to be the largest among U.S. major cities. The SantaCon event participants define it as a charitable, non-commercial, and non-political Santa Claus convention. Moreover, this occurs every once a year to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Also, you can find thousands of Santas parading around on the New York streets.

4. Celebrate the Christmas Spirit in Philadelphia –

It is a common tradition all around the world who take part in the celebration of Santacon. People come down on the streets wearing Santa costumes and other Christmas characters to celebrate the joyous occasion. Furthermore, check out website to get details on the parties of Santacon Philadelphia. And parade with a thousand other Santas.

5. Join the San Francisco Santacon roving party –

San Francisco is one of the major Cities that take Santacon celebration to another level. There would be drinks, food, and fun activities to make the occasion a bop. Furthermore, check out the special events of Santacon in San Francisco to experience the thrill of SantaCon spirit.

6. Spend a joyful time in Washington Santacon –

Celebrating Santacon in Washington D.C. is another amazing way to experience this annual tradition. Additionally, you can experience the fun of joining Santacon pub crawl. Here is your opportunity to have a joyful time during the Christmas holiday.

7. Chicago has wild Santacon parties –

Chicago, the windy city, is very much enthusiastic about Santacon. Yes, some say Santacon in Chicago happens twice. Do you want to live up to the Santacon party life? Come to Chicago to blend in its wild parties.

8. Hype up Santacon event in Austin –

There is no leaving out Texas when it comes to celebrating Santacon in Austin. In this annual mass gathering, you can join in the parade by dressing up in Santa Claus costumes and have an experience of the lively party events
Regardless of how rowdy the events can get, Santacon festivities have been staged annually all over the globe. Moreover, despite its notorious image, Santacon can be a pretty humble event. Several event hosts even help with raising money for charity and bring growth to the local economy.