SantaCon is coming back to Boston in 2021! Get ready for the time of your life in one of the best party cities in America. SantaCon pushes the city of Boston to max capacity when SantaCon comes around. Experience the Authentic feel for the Christmas spirit in Boston with everyone getting lit for Santa con. People from all over travel to Boston just for this one event! Don’t get me wrong I’m sure your local bars get lit on the weekend but SantaCon in Boston is in a tier of its own! Boston SantaCon is in the conversation for a top 3 city when it comes to partying across America for our SantaCon event. This is the only event in the world where you can bar hop and dress up like Santa Clause while it being socially acceptable. If you have been to a Boston SantaCon ever in your life odds are you are going to attend year after year as this event is that good!

Not only is the event on par with the best party events in the world but the bars that Boston has to offer are what separates this city from others. Boston’s venues are always happy to take part in this SantaCon phenomen. There’s plenty of options to choose from when it comes to bar hopping in Boston for SantaCon. If you are not from Boston this is the best event to go to if you are into partying and nightlife as you will get to see all the best bars in town in one day! Enjoy the real joyous feel for Christmas with SantaCon. If there really is a perfect Christmas gift it would be SantaCon tickets for the following year! SantaCon is here to stay in Boston and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. You might as well join the madness in our annual SantaCon event and believe the hype for yourself!

Here at we always promote having a great time and to party responsibly. We do our best to throw the best events across the United States and especially in Boston. We want you to enjoy the best experience going bar crawling at only the best bars. If you are coming from out of town Boston is an amazing place to go and even sight see with many activities aside from SantaCon. However if there is a time to visit Boston you must go the weekend of our SantaCon event. You can thank us later!

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