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The various attires to choose for your Hoboken Santacon

Shout out loud for the Santacon this season as it arrives! You should not miss checking out the Running of the Santas and Hoboken Santacon if you are a Christmas enthusiast this season! Santa Claus has arrived to party with every other Santa along with the elves of Santas as he comes to town this […]

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SantaCon is coming back to Boston in 2021! Get ready for the time of your life in one of the best party cities in America. SantaCon pushes the city of Boston to max capacity when SantaCon comes around. Experience the Authentic feel for the Christmas spirit in Boston with everyone getting lit for Santa con. […]

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The SantaCon Pub Crawl Events in 2021: Check Out Here All

Unlike popular believe, any other bar crawl can lose light in front of SantaCon pub crawl events. The events are fascinating as people get to do activities while dressed in Santa Claus costumes or any other Christmas characters. Then they parade around in various cities. SantaCon Parties brings people together regardless of locals and tourists […]

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