The SantaCon Pub Crawl Events in 2021: Check Out Here All

Unlike popular believe, any other bar crawl can lose light in front of SantaCon pub crawl events. The events are fascinating as people get to do activities while dressed in Santa Claus costumes or any other Christmas characters. Then they parade around in various cities. SantaCon Parties brings people together regardless of locals and tourists to enjoy the festive occasion.

The events might be organized or unorganized. However, the focus remains the same. People join in the mass by means of holiday spirit, a festive environment, and they get the fun of dressing up as holiday figures while parading.

Below is a list of places you can check in to enjoy the biggest and best upcoming SantaCon’s parties this year: 

1. SantaCon in Boston

As you know, Santa comes for Christmas every year, and Boston City never misses its popular SantaCon events. It is to announce the commencement of the holiday and festive season setting in. They are not wrong to call the city of Boston the most enthusiastic about celebrating their annual SantaCon pub crawl events.

Book your SantaCon tickets with to check into many pubs and bars with your friends, family, or colleagues. In the spirit of Christmas, you would find many others dressed up with Santa hats and Santa costumes in the SantaCon parties. Get together with  BostonSantaConk enthusiasts to enjoy drinks, conversing, and taking part in various activities, reveling in the joy of Christmas.

2. SantaCon in Campbell

As the annual mass gathering comes, SantaCon enthusiasts come together to go parade around the cities of Campbell.  People join in pub crawl events wearing vibrant red and white Santa customs. Not just that but that, but they can dress up as other Christmas characters to celebrate the joy of Christmas events. 

The parades are popularly known in various names around Campbell, such as Santarchy, the Red Menace, Santa Rampage, and Santapalooza. Strange right? But you would find the real fun in joining in their crawl. Check site for registration to join in SantaCon events in various cities of Campbell.

3. SantaCon in Baton Rouge 

Baton Rouge also is not behind in celebrating the holiday spirit of Christmas in the form of the SantaCon event.  The Annual mass gathering takes place every year. And you would surely find locals and tourists alike dressed up in  Santa Claus costumes and other holiday figures like elves, Christmas trees, reindeer themes, etc.  Get more SantaCon info on Baton Rouge pub crawls from site and get your tickets to join various events. 

4. SantaCon in Chicago

Chicago would not miss out on throwing the popular SantaCon parties in its major cities. You can find massive Santa, Christmas, reign-deer events in the state of Illinois. To join in on the popular pub crawls, get SantaCon event info from  One of the most popular events in Chicago would be the Tbox event; get your SantaCon tickets to participate in the event for a lower price.

5. SantaCon in Newport Beach

The coastal city of Newport Beach would definitely participate in this year’s SantaCon pub crawl event. In this popular annual mass gathering on the occasion of SantaCon, hundreds of parties are going on in Newport Beach. You will get the opportunity to get in the best bars and find the best deals as well as routes. Just go over to for your ticket registration. Whether you are local, new in town, or just passing through, the holiday spirit of Christmas would definitely pique your interest to join SantaCon.

6. SantaCon in New York City

Do you know where the best holiday crawls place for Christmas events? Indeed, it is New York  City! NYC SantaCon knows how to make the pub crawls more fun and enthusiastic by throwing events in cities with a great bar scene. Check out site to know about SantaCon parties. And you would know where to get one of the best experiences in the city.

While Christmas Eve is just coming and about, join in with thousands of Santa’s to start your holidays. Go over the above listing to find the best SantaCon pub crawl event near you and make it a lasting memory until next year.