SantaCon Pub Crawl Parties

The SantaCon event parties are the best place to fulfill your winter holidays with fun and drink specials at the best bars near you. puts together the most amazing SantaCon pub crawl events, experiences, and ticket reservations all in one place.

Your SantaCon Event Expectation & Info?

Here your favorite Christmas songs are on the radio non-stop and shopping for gifts becomes an almost every weekend experience. SantaCon events and parties are a wonderful time to rejoice with family and friends. From gift-giving to spending time with family, there really is no other time quite like it. Eventually, with all the cheer and Santa spirit, something magical takes place in communities all over our nation – SantaCon events and parties!

An event that brings thousands of enthusiastic Santa suit-wearing party goers to the streets in order to support their local communities, charities, and of course, the holiday season. Growing each year, there are SantaCon events & parties of all sizes in hundreds of cities across the globe like SantaCon Hoboken, SantaCon New Jersey, SantaCon Boston, SantaCon San Francisco, SantaCon Philadelphia, SantaCon Washington D.C., SantaCon Chicago, and more. We’ve decided to list all the ones we can find right here. Check-in with us regularly to find the biggest and best upcoming SantaCon events and parties near you, or list your event on our site! We are always happy to partner up and continue to make each passing year of SantaCon events better than the last. Buy SantaCon parties tickets now and enjoy specials drink with your family & friends at the SantaCon events

Upcoming Events

Hoboken SantaCon is coming to town!

Hoboken SantaCon is a one of a kind experience and is in its own tier when it comes to events around the world. If you were to mention the city of Hoboken to a friend that isn’t from the area. Odds are they probably wouldn’t have known what the city of Hoboken actually was. Hoboken is a fairly quiet city and isn’t that well known. However the Hoboken party life is extremely underrated. Partying in Hoboken is up to par with some of the biggest party cities across America. The people of Hoboken know very well when December comes around we'll always have our annual Hoboken Santacon Crawl!

What to know about Santacon Hoboken 2021

Residents in Hoboken highly anticipate our Santacon event months in advance and even start to purchase tickets way before December! The city of Hoboken reaches capacity with many people dressed up in Santa hats looking to go bar crawling. You will see thousands of people having a great time at the best bars in Hoboken for our Santacon pub crawl! This Santacon event truly is a phenomenon in the city of Hoboken! The weather in December can get a bit chilly but that just adds to the madness and authenticity of our Santacon event! This is truly the most unique and lit party of the year and it’s a must attend!

The bars get the party right for our Hoboken Santacon event with amazing drink specials and the best music that appeals to everyone! If you have never been to our Hoboken Santacon Crawl you do not know what you’re missing! Grab your friends and start December off right and celebrate the Christmas spirit with Santacon 2021! If you don’t know how Santacon works you don’t have to stress as it’s super easy to attend! All you have to do is buy your ticket.

Present your ticket to one of our registration venues and you will receive your wristband! From there you are good to go! Choose any of our participating bars to start the pub crawl at! We will have plenty of bars available for you to go bar hopping as you can choose to follow the crowd or go your own way with your friends! Santacon Hoboken is here to stay! Santacon in Hoboken has been going strong for years and will continue to let the good times roll! Make sure to party responsibly as Santa Clause is watching and checking his list!