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What to know about Santacon Hoboken 2021

Residents in Hoboken highly anticipate our Santacon event months in advance and even start to purchase tickets way before December! The city of Hoboken reaches capacity with many people dressed up in Santa hats looking to go bar crawling. You will see thousands of people having a great time at the best bars in Hoboken […]

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Hoboken SantaCon is coming to town!

Hoboken SantaCon is a one of a kind experience and is in its own tier when it comes to events around the world. If you were to mention the city of Hoboken to a friend that isn’t from the area. Odds are they probably wouldn’t have known what the city of Hoboken actually was. Hoboken […]

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Santacon is a famous annual pub crawl event that involves bringing together a big mass of people that are suited up in red dresses and Santa-inspired clothes to march around the cities. This famous event is not limited to just a few finger-counting cities. But dozens of U.S. cities take part in this celebration every […]

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The SantaCon Pub Crawl Events in 2021: Check Out Here All

Unlike popular believe, any other bar crawl can lose light in front of SantaCon pub crawl events. The events are fascinating as people get to do activities while dressed in Santa Claus costumes or any other Christmas characters. Then they parade around in various cities. SantaCon Parties brings people together regardless of locals and tourists […]

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