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Hoboken SantaCon

All About Hoboken SantaCon Events & Parties-

Around Christmas time, thesantacon.com provides the biggest and most famous pub crawl events & Santacon parties in Hoboken City, we take pride in our Santacon events! Hoboken truly is an amazing city that provides an amazing atmosphere for the Santacon parties & events! Every year many people gather around Hoboken in their Santa hats and costumes to go to pubs and bar crawling in this beautiful city we call Hoboken!

You’re getting with this fantastic Santacon event and just feel the Christmas joy and happiness in the air when you are partying hard with other fellow bar hoppers for Santacon! The city of Hoboken truly is an amazing experience that you don’t want to miss. If you ever built one of those Christmas villages, Santacon Hoboken truly is the real-life version of a Christmas village at our special Santacon events! Book your SataCon events ticket now and join in the Bar Crawl events.

Are you ready for Hoboken Santacon 2021?

SantaCon has become a National Holiday. With over 1000 different SantaCon events being produced across America and it doesn’t stop there! SantaCon has traveled across the world and has amazing SantaCon events such as in London and Australia. We are super proud to announce our rankings of the best SantaCon events in the world. The number 1 best Santacon is Hoboken SantaCon! This event is truly spectacular! With the weather fitting, Christmas Hoboken turns into a real-life Christmas Village when Santacon rolls around! The city of Hoboken attracts many people when we have our annual SantaCon event!

You will meet some people from all over. Some people are coming across the river from New York City and even parts of Long Island and the tri-state area! SantaCon is known for being one of the best if not the best events that people look forward to year after year! You can take a stroll around Hoboken and ask a local about Santacon and they will tell you it is something to mark down on your calendar for December! As Santacon approaches closer and closer, plans to attend SantaCon are being made in Hoboken! Bring your friends and or significant other and get partying in this beautiful city! Get Vip access into only the best bars in Hoboken with access to their exclusive drink specials!

Santacon isn’t your ordinary Bar Crawl Event. What makes Santacon so special is everyone is happy-go-lucky celebrating this joyful Holiday we call Christmas! Everyone will be roaming the streets bar hopping in Santa hats and outfits that just calls for the perfect picture with a group of your friends! Hoboken is a warm welcoming for our Santacon events and we are proud to be throwing it year after year! This is an amazing SantaCon experience you do not want to miss! So who is ready for Hoboken Santacon 2021!?

The Second-Best Santacon Event In Boston –

Don’t get me wrong Boston Santacon is great and could easily be number 1 or up to par with Hoboken Santacon! Santacon in Boston is a top-rated event much like Hoboken! However, Boston SantaCon can get super lit! This Beautiful city draws in a big crowd of people looking to experience the hype of Santacon in Boston! Whether you are in Hoboken, in Boston, or somewhere nearby it is worth it to travel to one of our Santacon events! This Santacon event is a phenomenon and will have you wanting to come back every year!

The Third Best Santacon Event In San Francisco –

San Francisco, which was the first SantaCon event to take place in 1993 has paved the way for millions of people to dress like Santa Clause and have an amazing day out!

    • Do- Think you have the sexiest, wildest, and most creative Santa outfit? Our photographers will be all around town throughout the event filming the SantaCon promo reel for the nationwide 26th annual SantaCon! Be a part of history in the making.
    • Branded SantaCon wristband allowing no cover charges at all participating bars.
    • Full guided Crawl MAP, detailing all Drink & Food Specials taking place in town.
    • Select venues with Live DJs playing the best in Top 40, Mash-Ups, House, and more!
    • Do- Think you have the best Santa outfit? Look out for our photographer to be featured on our Instagram Story!